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Providing comprehensive medical care for your little ones, our service offering includes routine check-ups, key and chronic care for children, from infancy through to adolenscence, newborn diagnostic screening, infectious and contagious disease management.

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We are delighted that you have taken the first step in looking after your child’s long term health. We are a team of experienced pediatricians providing comprehensive expertise in childhood wellness and disease management and prevention. We help take the sting and trepidation out of visiting the doctors office. We look forward to navigating you all the way from the terrible twos to the terrifying teens. Book a call today!



baby & Child routine Check-ups

Babies are checked regularly to ensure they are developing normally and that their are not any underlying health issues developing. Development milestones are typically assessed in the 2nd, 6th and 12th week, then every 3 months until they are a year old.

Hospital in-patient care

Allow your child’s pediatrician to coordinate hospital admissions and key care objectives based on knowledge of your little one’s medical history and allergen triggers. 



Sick and injured new born infants require specialist practioners with advanced experience of conditions related to premature development, low birth weight and congenital malformations. With combined of over 40 years, we have been charged with many similar cases over the decades.

Quality Medical Services Emphasizing Prevention

“Self care and wellness should be a lifelong pursuit. We’re here to get your little one off on the right track to lifelong wellness”

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